If you have found yourself here, you have most likely purchased one of my kits and here you will find some extra info to help you with putting it together.

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  • Lockable Jerry Can Holder – BLACK


Thank you for purchasing one of our awesome kits. No matter your skill level, following the included instructions will easily step you through the process from preparation to assembly, ensuring you end up producing nothing but a top quality professional product.

If you need a little more guidance in other forms, you have come to the right place. Below you will find some extra info that may assist you in putting your kit together. Please feel free to add a comment at the end with any questions or tips that may help others out in the same boat.


If you are after a digital copy of the assembly instructions please click the link below.

‘Lockable Jerry Can Holder ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS.pdf’



lockable jerry can holder



Okay, so I’ve put together a fair few of these kits myself and have learnt from my mistakes, that’s why I have put together the written instructions included with your parts. If you follow those instructions carefully, you will end up with a perfect finished product, but here is a few extra pointers that will help you along the way.

Troy Ruston owner of iBuilt Kits

     TROY RUSTON     Owner/Engineer/DIY Fabricator

  • Protect your worksurface and parts from scratches by laying a piece of fabric, cardboard or carpet down where you will be working.
  • Once you have worked out where you want to mount your parts, double check your positions to ensure everything will fit without collisions or getting in the way.
  • Check where you plan to drill holes to make sure there is sufficient room for fasteners, and you wont be drilling through anything important on the other side.
  • For care of painted alloy parts, I get best results by washing as you would the rest of your vehicle with a non corrosive detergent, but avoid abrasive brushes or sponges.
  • These kits need little to no maintenance, simply checking for loose fasteners and adjusting any latches is sufficient.

Got any questions, comments, or advice for others?

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