Lockable Floor Mounted Spare Wheel Holder


**POWDER COATED BLACK FINISH** Mount your spare tyres off the rear of your canopy, or use this setup to fix your wheels in place up against your headboard, this spare wheel mount allows you to fix a tyre from 31 to 35 inches off the rear of your rig. Featuring a machined stainless threaded rod to tighten down on your wheel using the padded 140mm center disc, plus the ability to throw a padlock through the tip to stop thieves stealing your wheel.

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Lockable Floor Mounted Spare Wheel Kits

A wheel mount that will never tyre!

Mount your spare tyre up at the headboard, or at the rear of your half canopy or dogbox, this spare wheel mount allows you to mount a spare from 31โ€ to 35โ€ without the need for a reinforced vertical surface. Simply bolt through into your tray in a suitable location, and BYO ratchet straps of choice to match the colour of your rig. Combine with the Wheel Locking Rod Kit featuring a machined stainless threaded rod to tighten down on your wheel using the padded 140mm center disc, plus the ability to throw a padlock through the tip to stop thieves stealing your wheel.

Attention to detail around every corner!

Our designs are completely original with not a single corner has been cut, both in the final product but also in the process getting here. When we mention attention to detail you would not imagine the thought process and planning that has gone into each and every one of our Australian made products. Each and every design has been through multiple revisions and prototypes leaving us with a product we are stoked to leave our mark with throughout the Aussie 4WD scene.

Trust us when we say, “You won’t be disappointed”.

Functional, Strong, and Lightweight…

Constructed from Aussie made marine grade aluminium, this spare wheel mount is designed to last years of corrugations and abuse. A simple but effective design allows you to mount many wheel sizes, widths and offsets. No special tools required when changing a spare but the addition of a padlock through the anti rattle bushing ensures your wheel stays where it should.

  • Difficulty level โ€“ 2/5 โ€“ Bolting required for Assembly, careful measurement and marking will be needed for drilling canopy for mounting bolts.
  • Tools required โ€“ File or deburring tool, 5mm Allen wrench, 13mm spanner, medium adjustable spanner
  • Whatโ€™s included? โ€“ Laser cut and CNC folded Sheet metal parts, stainless locking rod, Nuts, Bolts and Washers, Assembly/anti-corrosive paste, plus complete easy to understand installation instructions.
  • Mounting โ€“ Mounting is easy, simply position the base in the location of choice, mark the mounting holes and drill through your tray floor, bolt the mount down and fasten your wheel in place using your ratchet straps. Mounting bolts to suit up to 5mm floor sheet thickness are included. NOTE: Wheels must be secured with a secondary security device such as lock and chain plus mounted against a rear facing surface such as headboard or canopy rear wall to prevent the tyre from coming loose in extreme braking or in an accident situation.
  • Preparation โ€“ Sheet metal parts have been deburred at the factory, although some sharp edges may be still present and require some preparation before assembly, this can be done with a file, flappy disc, or deburring tool. Parts are also covered with a protective film on one side for fabrication and transport reasons to prevent scratches, this film must be removed prior to assembly and any residue left from the cutting process should be cleaned from the surface, this is best done by wiping with Acetone or a similar solvent. If you wish to have your parts painted or powder-coated, parts should be given a light sanding with 180-240 grit paper and painted before assembly for best results.
  • Materials โ€“ Australian made 4mm 5052 Marine Grade Aluminium, 304 stainless locking rod, 304 Stainless steel fasteners.
  • Dimensions โ€“ Assembled Dimensions(mm) 550W x 175L x 120H (Base)
  • Weight – 2.1kg

Tools Required

Medium Adjustable Spanner

13mm Spanner

5mm Hex Wrench


9mm Drill Bit



No Assembly Required


Basic Assembly Skills


Measurement, Drilling, Cutting and Assembly


Basic Steel MIG Welding

Dabs McGhee

Advanced Welding Skills in MIG/TIG


Advanced Welder, Machinist and Fabricator

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 57 × 19 × 14 cm

550 mm


175 mm


119 mm


2.1 kg

Skill Level

Basic Assembly Skills required


Satin Black, Silver


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