Unistrut Channel


Unistrut Style channel can be used to mount mudguards and undertray toolboxes, make roof racks for mounting platforms and Roof Top Tents or anything else you can think of.

This exact channel is used by most of the top tray and canopy builders in this country and for good reason. Commonly known as Uni-strut, MITS-strut, nut runner channel, or channel profile, its shape allows adjustable mounting of almost anything with the use of channel nuts that slide inside the slot locking the position when the bolt is tightened.

Available in 25x41mm and 41x41mm, in 2 different lengths, if you are after something longer please get in touch.

This product is cut to order, please allow 2-3 business days before dispatch.

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Did you know all iBUILT KITS products are approved as Australian Designed, Made and Owned?

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Lightweight, strong, adjustable and easy to use, its popular for a reason!!!

Used by us and most of the other top tray and canopy builders in Australia, this aluminium extrusion is built to the same dimensions as the ever popular Uni-strut channel used extensively in the electrical and plumbing industry. This strut can be easily cut to length and either bolted or welded in place and can be easily fitted to existing tray and canopies.

Attention to detail around every corner!

Our designs are completely original with not a single corner has been cut, both in the final product but also in the process getting here. When we mention attention to detail you would not imagine the thought process and planning that has gone into each and every one of our Australian made products. Each and every design has been through multiple revisions and prototypes leaving us with a product we are stoked to leave our mark with throughout the Aussie 4WD scene.

Trust us when we say, “You won’t be disappointed”.

Ordering is easy.

This aluminium strut comes in 25×41.3mm and 41x41mm channel dimensions, and available in two different cut length ready for you to trim to size for your specific project.

Simply select your dimensions above and enter the quantity required.

We also can provide you with strut nuts, bolts and eyelets to suit which can be found here.

This product is cut to order, please allow 2-3 business days before dispatch.


No Assembly Required


Basic Assembly Skills


Measurement, Drilling, Cutting and Assembly


Basic Steel MIG Welding

Dabs McGhee

Advanced Welding Skills in MIG/TIG


Advanced Welder, Machinist and Fabricator

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 162 × 5 × 3 cm
Channel Dimensions

25×41.3mm, 41.3×41.3mm

Unistrut length

1620mm, 2160mm


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