Soon to be released, DIY Tray and Canopy kits.

Bringing quality design and professional manufacturing to the DIY fabricator or workshop.

Our kits include all the parts and knowhow you need to build your own tray or canopy either at home or in the workshop. Kits include laser cut and CNC folded sheet metal parts, high quality hardware, seals, fasteners, plus detailed easy to understand assembly and welding instructions.

Designed by a qualified engineer who understands fabrication to make a great product that is easy to put together. All kits have been through multiple iterations, prototyped and tested, giving you confidence that your hard work will result in a great looking product that will last years to come.

With multiple options and variations available for different vehicle models in both Steel and Aluminium, combined with our ever growing range of accessories you are sure to build something special.

We are happy for our kits to be used for either personal use, or fabricated and sold complete by professional fabricators, if you would like to become a ‘Trusted Fabricator’ for iBUILT KITS please get in touch.




You supply the skills and tools, and we’ll supply the rest.

Order your kit and get started.


Take your kit to a local fabricator, a mate, or even your uncle. Utilise their skills to weld and assemble, but remember, the more you can do yourself the more $$ you save!


Let iBUILT KITS take care of it all, we will organise Fabrication, Assembly and Installation onto your vehicle by one of our trusted fabricators in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

All canopies feature a structured flush floor capable of holding all of the contents in your canopy, there is no additional floor frame or battens required like other manufacturers. Not only does this look neat, it is lightweight, incredibly strong and prevents the need for spacers and false floors to lift fridges and drawers above the canopy edge. This floor cavity also allows concealment of wiring/hoses plus makes fastening internal structures a breeze.

Simply add our hidden lift-off brackets to the inside corners of your canopy to allow simple and stable connection of our lift off legs.

At this stage we are only providing a range of set sizes for trays and canopies, a lot of time and effort has been put into the designs to ensure best use of materials, reduced wastage, strength and overall aesthetics. This reduces the final cost of the kits and helps with consistency of the finished product. We offer different options for guards, toolboxes, tail lights and accessories that you can build something unique, we are certain a combination of what we have available will look great on almost any vehicle.

Dual cab custom tray with maxilamps and whale tail locks

Trays sizes (mm)

Shorty – 1850W x 1650L x 850H

Standard Dual Cab – 1850W x 1800L x 850H

Space/Extra Cab – 1850W x 2100L x 850H

Single Cab – 1850W x 2400L x 850H

79 series Landcruiser Dual Cab – 1850W x 1800L x 1000H

79/75 series Landcruiser Single Cab – 1850W x 2400L x 1000H

US Market – TBA

Canopy sizes

Widths and Heights to suit tray headboards

Multiple lengths available from short dog boxes to full length

Different sizes will be released over time

Our trays are designed around two main rails running lengthways in the structural frame, between models the distance between these rails remains the same, we then use a specifically designed mount system to adapt to your vehicle. If you decide to change vehicles of a similar type eg. Ranger Dual Cab to Hilux Dual Cab, all you require is the correct mounts for the new car which will be made available separately.

For obvious reasons, you can not fit your dual cab tray onto a single cab as the lengths will differ, this is the same between standard Aussie Utes and Landcruiser/US models as widths and heights will vary.

Aluminium is a great material for building trays, it is lightweight, strong, looks great and painting is completely optional. A common myth is that aluminium is prone to cracking especially around welds, any design no matter what it is made of can crack, bend and fail if not designed correctly. We ensure our designs will exceed the strength of most steel trays while greatly reducing the overall weight of the tray and canopy in turn helping with your vehicles GVM and towing capacity.

We also incorporate High Tensile Steel chassis mounts where that extra strength is required but not practical for aluminium to be used.

And for those still on ‘Team Steel’, we will have options for you too!

All our kits have been designed with freight costs in mind, parts have been strategically dimensioned to fit on a compact sized pallet. Normally a complete tray would take up a very large space on a truck and interstate freight would blow the price out the window, our compact packaging allows us to pass on very reasonable postage costs.

Think of us as the IKEA of trays.


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Did you know all iBUILT KITS products are approved as Australian Designed, Made and Owned?

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